A Moment of Randomness (2016)

Ceramics – an installation of 48 crystal glaze tiles mounted on the wall. 

An investigation into an aspect of Nature – the randomness in reality. 

During this period of my research into zinc-silicate crystals glaze, I was constantly in tension with the notion of control. There is always a conceived ideal scenario in my mind about the effects of the glazes when I make them, however when the glazed works come out of the electrical kiln, I am confronted with a differing results. Through this zinc-silicate crystal glaze, I am constantly questioning this notion of control, which I have in my mind, and the reality of Nature. The glaze is something of which I know I will never have complete control. Nevertheless through this continuous practice towards controlling a situation to my ideal perfection, my mind has learned to accept and respect all forms of imperfection from unforeseen scenarios.